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Sign the #CaliforniansForAll College Program Support Letter!


Support the #CaliforniansForAll College Program!

The California AmeriCorps Alliance has written a letter of support of the #CaliforniansForAll College Program and are welcoming signatures.

They are strongly urging the adoption of Governor Newsom’s plan to create service opportunities and jobs for young Californians through the provision of $285.2 million in one-time Federal American Rescue Plan Act Funding and $45.8 million General Fund.

Up to 12,500 students would receive up to $10,000 to help pay for college including a stipend and a scholarship. The program will operate in partnership with the state universities and community colleges. Further, this program will create the DREAMER Corps for AB540 eligible DREAMers to service their communities and who will receive help to pay for college. This is a unique opportunity to engage young adults in being an active part of solutions to our greatest challenges while also enhancing their opportunities for education and careers.

X Sector Labs is playing a leadership role in developing this program and excited to see Governor Newsom and Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday displaying leadership in making service a common experience for all Californians.

Please show your support by signing the letter by Monday, June 7th. Any individuals or organizations interested in signing on to the letter can contact Sheila Boxley or (916) 705-5359.


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