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The Presidio Institute has achieved its main objectives and will sunset this Fall

Presidio Institute

Dave Smith

September 27, 2017

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share that the Presidio Institute has achieved its original two goals and will sunset operations by November 2017.

Our first goal was to imagine potential uses for Fort Scott in the Presidio of San Francisco. This was achieved through our re-imagination of our inspirational Fort Scott campus as a “hub for social innovation” with a focus on cross-sector collaboration. The Presidio Trust, our parent organization, was so inspired by the insightful recommendation of our Federal Advisory Council, that the Trust’s Board has decided to test whether there are organizations willing to take on the challenge of rehabilitating all of the historic buildings at Fort Scott to be re-used to address the social and environmental challenges of the day.

Before issuing a call for proposals, the Presidio Trust wants to get public input on this idea. On September 28, the Board of Directors’ next public meeting will be devoted to Fort Scott. You are welcome to attend if you are interested. We will also send out an update following the meeting.

Our second goal was to pilot a set of innovative programs that would “spark a movement” around Cross Sector Leadership. From 2014 to 2016, we convened over 3,000 leaders, trained 1,600 problem solvers (300 in-person and 1,300 online), raised $2.6 million in philanthropic support, and earned an additional $1.2 million in program fees. This work has clearly demonstrated the demand for Cross Sector Leadership, but to really thrive the programs should be run outside a federal government agency.

To that end, the Presidio Institute is spinning off two of our most compelling initiatives:
  • ​Cross Sector Leadership Fellows is a year-long experience serving mid-career executives to shake up outdated mindsets, impart new skills, foster collaborative relationships, and bridge sectors to address needs that could not be met by any one alone. As we’re witnessing in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, this kind of cross-sector collaboration is essential in crisis environments, and is a set of leadership skills increasingly valued by academic policy programs. ​We are pleased to announce that Pepperdine School of Public Policy (with offices and classes in Malibu, California and Washington, DC) will sponsor the Fellows program and shares our vision that Cross Sector Leadership offers a new lens, a core skillset, and an adaptive mindset necessary for effective 21st century problem solving, while demanding a distinctive preparation. The 2018 Fellows application​ process is open now and will be the first cohort supported by Pepperdine, though the School is committed to continuing the same curriculum and faculty, which has garnered the Fellows program such wide acclaim.

  • Leaderosity is an online learning platform where pr​oblem solvers update their skillsets and increase their impact, made possible through the generosity of American Express, the Kresge Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. We are pleased to announce that the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance will sponsor Leaderosity and shares our vision of making it an accessible and affordable destination for social sector leaders seeking best-in-class online leadership development opportunities.

With your help over the past few years, our work has demonstrated the demand for quality Cross Sector Leadership offerings and a physical location dedicated to uniting diverse problem solvers in service to our communities. Thank you for your involvement and support for this cause.

In service,

David B. Smith Managing Director

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